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Work with an Experienced Expat Consultant & Spanish Language Instructor and I have put together a 6 Step Outline for Moving to Mexico SAFELY, SECURELY, and to THRIVE, instead of, just surviving.

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Meet Erendira

Erendira Abel is an experienced Expat Consultant and Spanish Instructor.  She is the Founder of Baja Expat Services and uses her experiences, education and bilingual/bicultural skills to coach, guide and support you to successfully transition to live in Mexico.  She was appointed to represent foreign residents in the Consejo Consultivo Ciudadano - Residentes Extranjeros (Foreign Resident Citizens Advisory Committe) for the municipality of Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. 



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development
  • Trained as a Second Language Trainer


  • Bi-national Business Consultant
  • Trainer of Second Language Teachers throughout the State of California
  • California Community College Instructor
  • Corporate Business Trainer - Cultural Diversity & Doing Business in Mexico

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