We Offer Services To Make The Process of Becoming an Expat in Mexico Stress-Free

Work with an Experienced Expat Consultant & Spanish Language Instructor and I have put together a 6 Step Outline for Moving to Mexico SAFELY, SECURELY, and to THRIVE, instead of, just surviving.


Baja Expat Services provides a step-by-step roadmap to successfully transition to live in Mexico. This business was started to navigate the process for Americans who want to transition to live in Mexico as a retiree, start a business, or live in Mexico and work in the USA.  We remove the stress of moving to a different country, dealing with a different language and navigating a different government system.


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We look forward to supporting you in your transition to Mexico!

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Meet Erendira

Erendira Abel is an experienced Expat Consultant and Spanish Instructor.  She is the Founder of Baja Expat Services and uses her experiences, education and bilingual/bicultural skills to coach, guide and support you to successfully transition to live in Mexico.  She was appointed to represent foreign residents in the Consejo Consultivo Ciudadano - Residentes Extranjeros (Foreign Resident Citizens Advisory Committe) for the municipality of Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. 



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development
  • Trained as a Second Language Trainer


  • Bi-national Business Consultant
  • Trainer of Second Language Teachers throughout the State of California
  • California Community College Instructor
  • Corporate Business Trainer - Cultural Diversity & Doing Business in Mexico

Kind Words From Clients...

Erendira helped my family obtain our Mexico Resident Visas very quickly.  Having her guide us through the whole process, complete the paperwork for us & translate everything saved us all so much time and frustration.  She is excellent at helping her clients get their Visa application approved the first time!

Jenn Seeger

I have had no experience speaking Spanish, so my fear of speaking Spanish is quite high. Erendira is a patient, knowledgable, and very friendly and supportive teacher. As an English teacher myself, I am very happy with her lessons. You will not be disappointed.

Michelle Liddell

It took 14 months to get through the residency, business license, and import license. I could not have done it without Erendira! She is great at problem-solving, translation with government offices and support through the long process. I tried doing the residency process on my own in the beginning and it was a nightmare and I gave up and finally got smart and hired Eréndira to assist me!

Lori Chaffin

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