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Initial Telephone Consultation

Let me show you how your can reduce the time and stress that can come

from trying to make the to Move to Mexico on your own.

In order to provide personalized services, we begin with an Initial Telephone Consultation.  The best approach is to assess each person's situation individually as this is how processes are assessed by government agencies and therefore the fee is for each person needing my services.  If you are a couple, schedule (2) two consultations. 


During the initial consultation I will ask you questions about your specific situation and ask you to share with me your ultimate goal(s).  Based on this information,  I will describe the requirements that you will need to meet to reach your goal(s) and the best strategy for your specific situation.  I work with you to troubleshoot and strategize to determine your best options and timeline based on your goals, needs and circumstances. 


I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you attain your dream to live in Mexico! 

"It took 14 months to get through the residency, business license, and import license. I could not have done it without Erendira! She is great at problem-solving, translation with government offices and support through the long process. I tried doing the residency process on my own in the beginning and it was a nightmare and I gave up and finally got smart and hired Eréndira to assist me!

Lori Chaffin
Rosarito, Mexico

Meet Erendira

      Hi, I'm Erendira Abel.  I founded Baja Expat Services to help Americans make the process of becoming an Expat in Mexico stress-free.  I am an experienced Expat Consultant and a Spanish Language Instructor who uses my experiences, education and bilingual/bicultural skills to support you in successfully transitioning to living in Mexico.  



      Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development

      Trained as a Second Language Trainer


      Bi-national Business Consultant

      Trainer of Second Language Teachers throughout the State of California

      California Community College Instructor

      Corporate Business Trainer - Cultural Diversity & Doing Business in Mexico

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