Mexican Visa Service

Don’t scramble and stress-out trying to do the Visa Process on your own.  Hire an expert to guide you each step of the way.  

Let's Work Together to Get Your Mexico Resident Visa!

Package 1: VIP Rosarito Visa Package

Package 2: Expert Guided Mexican Visa Package

What's included:

  • My services are personalized and designed to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with doing this process alone.
  • Work very closely with you through every step of the immigration process to make sure you are approved on your first visit. 
  • A Checklist provided at each step to complete the Visa Process including addresses and google map links for you to submit your Visa application.
  • Schedule your appointment as appropriate. 
  • Completion of all required forms scanned ready for you to print and sign.
  • Instructions on how to prepare your packages for submission.
  • 3 additional telephone consultations prior to each step to guide you in completing each step.
  • Check the status of your application on the Mexican government website where they inform you of the status until your Visa is processed and ready to pick up.

1 Payment of $650 or 2 Payments of $350

Package 3: VIP Customized Mexican Visa Package

  • I work very closely with you and customize the process to meet your specific needs through every step of the immigration process to make sure you are approved on your first visit. 
  • This option is available for those outside of Rosarito and additional fees for travel apply. 

Schedule your Initial Consultation to discuss this option.

Visa Renewals or Changes from Temporary to Permanent:

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How do I get started?

The Mexican Visa starts with an Initial 30-Minute Consultation.  During the initial consultation I will help you to determine your best option and timeline based on your goals, needs and circumstances.  My success rate of clients getting approved on their first visit is 100%.  I have heard about individuals who have gone go through the process alone that they were turned away several times at the Mexican Consulate for various reasons and some of my clients have hired me after several attempts of trying to do this alone.

"It took 14 months to get through the residency, business license, and import license. I could not have done it without Erendira! She is great at problem-solving, translation with government offices and support through the long process. I tried doing the residency process on my own in the beginning and it was a nightmare and I gave up and finally got smart and hired Eréndira to assist me!

Lori Chaffin
Rosarito, Mexico

Meet Erendira

      Hi, I'm Erendira Abel.  I founded Baja Expat Services to help Americans make the process of becoming an Expat in Mexico stress-free.  I am an experienced Expat Consultant and a Spanish Language Instructor who uses my experiences, education and bilingual/bicultural skills to support you in successfully transitioning to live in Mexico.  In recognition of my ability to navigate the culture, government and business environment in the USA and Mexico, I was recently appointed to serve on the City of Rosarito Citizen Advisory Committee representing foreign resident's.   



      Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development

      Trainer of Second Language Teachers 


      Bi-national Business Consultant

      Trainer of Second Language Teachers throughout the State of California

      California Community College Instructor

      Corporate Business Trainer - Cultural Diversity & Doing Business in Mexico

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